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Welcome to the FAM is for any woman or menstruator who is ready to take their body literacy to the next level, and who is desiring to use a natural AND reliable form of contraception.

  • If you’re planning to come off hormonal birth control (the pill, Mirena, Implanon, NuvaRing, etc)

  • If you’re in a monogamous relationship and don’t want to rely on condoms all the time

  • If you’re DONE with the side effects that come with the pill & synthetic hormones

  • You want to understand your cycle & hormones better


What is Fertility Awareness?

Fertility Awareness is the practice of observing certain body signs that change throughout the menstrual cycle and indicate one’s fertility.


Fertility Awareness Based Methods

Otherwise known as FABMs, this is an umbrella term that refers to various means of contraception that stem from observing and monitoring one’s fertility, based on the menstrual cycle.


FABMs aim to help you identify your fertile window; the limited time within a cycle where it is possible to fall pregnant. By identifying this phase, you can make empowered and informed sexual decisions, based on your desire to avoid or achieve pregnancy. 


Examples of FABMs include the SymptoThermal Method, Symptohormonal Method, The Billings Ovulation Method, The Rhythm (Calendar) Method, Temperature Method and more.


Sperm cells have a limited survival time in your reproductive tract. After ejaculation, they can live between 5 to 7 days in ideal conditions within your uterus and Fallopian tubes.


On the other hand, your egg cell (released once per menstrual cycle), is able to be fertilised for 12 to 24 hours.


These two factors considered, make up your fertile window. A female can only fall pregnant if sperm is present at the time of ovulation, or up to 24 hours after. You’re most fertile in the 7 days leading up to ovulation (to account for sperm survival), and the day after ovulation (to account for egg viability).


Using menstrual cycle tracking and charting specific biomarkers that indicate fertility, you can identify this fertile window and your most fertile days, and either abstain from intercourse during this time, or use an alternative contraceptive, like a barrier method (e.g. condom, diaphragm, cap)

"This program has 
given me appreciation of the female body and how to learn about my signs and symptoms"

Former FAM participant


The Sympto-Thermal Method

Specifically, the Symptom-Thermal Method relies on tracking 2 body signs: Cervical Mucus and Basal Body Temperature. Cervical mucus changes in response to hormone fluctuations leading up to ovulation. Your cervical mucus is key to sperm’s survival & passage to a potential egg.

Basal Body Temperature responds to a different hormone and measurably increases after ovulation. This allows you to confirm ovulation and know when your fertile window has closed for the cycle.


How effective is it?

The effectiveness of the STM relies on how a couple uses it and applies the rules correctly. With perfect use, including avoiding PIV intercourse during the fertile window, there is a pregnancy rate of 0.4% per year. This means that about one pregnancy occurs per 3250 menstrual cycles (assuming 13 cycles per year), leading to an effectiveness of 99.6%. Effectiveness is similar for users who rely on a barrier method (e.g. male condoms) used correctly during the fertile window. The effectiveness drops slightly with typical use, which includes intercourse occurring during the fertile window, withdrawal, and inconsistent charting (7.5% pregnancy rate per year).


Who can practice the Sympto-Thermal Method of Contraception?

If you have ovaries, a uterus and a period (even if it’s not regular), you CAN practice the Sympto-Thermal Method.

There are specific circumstances that will change how you need to practice the method (e.g. if you have PCOS, insomnia, are on certain medications) and trained Fertility Awareness Instructor can guide you through this. It may be easiest to practice in a monogamous partnership, but can be applied in various circumstances (open and poly relationships). It’s important to note that the STM is not protective against STIs.


Contrary to popular belief, Fertility Awareness Methods are not just applicable to certain religious or cultural groups. The Sympto-Thermal Method, specifically, is based on the science and physiology of your menstrual cycle and hormones, and is available to women from all walks of life.

Meet Karinda

As a wholistic naturopath specialising in women's health, hormones & periods, I'm dedicated to the empowerment of all menstruators.


I've experienced menstrual shame, suppression, hormone imbalance, being on the pill, PCOS & more. I've also navigated my way back to my womb wisdom, with naturopathy, Menstrual Cycle Awareness & Fertility Awareness helping me along the way.


My wish is for every woman & menstruator to step into alignment & discover the power that resides within their menstrual cycle and hormonal rhythm.


I support you through your hormone healing journey, whether it's with:

PCOS & irregular cycles



Coming off the pill

Chronic stress

And ultimately, guiding you towards having pain-free, regular & easeful periods.


I teach the SymptoThermal Method of Fertility Awareness, which is 99.6% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy. You can start this journey with my 'Welcome to the FAM' Package.


Am I the right practitioners for you? Here's the "first date" juicy info:

I'm a lover of nature & follower of the seasons. Libra sun, moon & mercury, with a Capricorn rising. A Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority. INFJ. Bachelor-degree-qualified Naturopath. Studying counselling & vital herbalism. About to start my Masters in Advanced Naturopathic Medicine. Certified Natural Fertility Educator. Intuitive Energy Worker. Kelpie dog mum. Partner. A forever student.


But really, I'm just a human on my own journey, passionate about helping other humans & finding my bliss along the way.


I look forward to working together!


Lunar X Karinda Wholistic Therapies presents

Welcome to the FAM package

Welcome to the FAM is signature package curated by Karinda Maree (Naturopath, Hormone Expert and Natural Fertility Educator) that is designed for women & menstruators, ready to empower themselves with the knowledge of Fertility Awareness.

Over the past three years, Lunar has had the honour to help many clients benefit greatly from this program 


Over 12 weeks, Karinda guides you through everything you need to know to practice the method successfully and use it as your chosen method of contraception. You’ll also have the benefit of one-on-one support that is often missing when self-teaching the method, so any questions you have are answered. 

What does FAM training involve?

  • 3 edu-consults (60 minutes each) across 12 weeks where Karinda breaks down theory & rules of the method

  • Learning the basics of your menstrual cycle, ovulation & hormones

  • Understanding your cervical mucus, how it relates to your fertility and how to check your own

  • Understanding how your basal body temperature works, and how to take it

  • Learning how to chart these biomarkers easily & confidently

  • Identifying your fertile window

  • Practicing the method for 3 full cycles before fully relying on it

Book now

How much does the package cost?

Welcome to the FAM is $444, which includes:

  • 3 x 60-minute edu-consults with Karinda, over 8-12 weeks (depending on your chosen pace of learning)

  • Additional resources to support your learning

  • Q&A at the end of each session

  • Charting templates

  • Summary guides & PDFs of the FAM rules

  • Examples charts

  • App recommendations

  • A discount code for TempDrop

  • Digital guides of all the info from your sessions

  • Email & charting support in between sessions

  • 1 x 30-minute check-in after your 3 practice cycles are complete

For existing patients of Lunar Chinese Medicine and Karinda Wholistic Therapies, you may claim a discount of ($111), and receive everything listed above for a total of $333.


As a bonus, anyone who completes the one-on-one version of Welcome to the FAM will get FREE access to Karinda’s online, self-paced Fertility Awareness course (valued at $222).


A deposit of $111 is required when you book in for your first session. You can then pay the remaining in one full payment, or a payment plan can be arranged. Payment Plans are available to all - Karinda will organise this for you at the end of your first session. Once you’ve booked in, keep an eye on your email for next steps & an intake form for you to complete.


Shoot through any questions you have to Karinda by emailing

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