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The truth about 'Stress'

STRESS is a customarily word thrown around that we often hear. From my perspective there is a difference between


Real stress is full blown trauma to the physiological system causing autonomic processes to take place in the nervous system & associated tissues/ cells. .

Perceived stress is your concept of seeing a person/ situation/circumstance as a threat .. the idea that it has more negatives than positives

Interestingly, our perception of stress can activate REAL stress & REAL stress can alter our perception of reality.

In the end it’s about getting to the root cause: is it physiological or psychological? Is it real or made up in our minds?

At the end of the day, WE ARE ALL STRESSED.

We all lead busy lives, jobs, relationships, careers, hobbies & passions. We are all experiencing some forms of challenges on the daily. That’s life! It’s part of the growth cycle. We wouldn’t be learning or evolving without stimulation in some form: our brains were actually designed for it. .


Perceived stress comes in so many forms BUT have you noticed that almost everything on the diagram above, is within your ability to manipulate and influence?


I’ve heard it before; “I’m not drinking enough water or sleeping enough because I’m too stressed and don’t have the time”.

Stress is a perception and it’s not infinite. Stress can be ON THE WAY or IN THE WAY.. it’s really up to you. Sometimes, we tend to cling to the idea of ‘feeling or being stressed’ as a form of excuses / coping mechanisms, rather than empowering ourselves to go beyond what we are experiencing and use that as our power & drive.


The reality is “stressors” aren’t leaving your life, they will evolve & transform to stimulate you to grow beyond your own limiting beliefs.

So how are you going to perceive them now?

Until next time,

Dr. Alana Green (Chinese Medicine)

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