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Hire the medical grade LED mask for 5 weeks.

Comes with eye goggles and instructions with red, blue, green and yellow light. 

Power point charged. Ideal for those seeking skin support for acne, rosacea and anti-ageing. 


How it works? 

Because you’re hiring the mask from us, you’ll need to look after it as it if was your own. Hire time starts from the date of purchase for 5 weeks. 

You’ll get a pre-paid satchel with every order you can use to send the mask from your nearest Post Office. Just place the bag in the satchel, ensure that it’s secure, and post!


Check out our terms and conditions if you want to find out more about our damage policy and late fees.


If you wish to be on the wait list and secure a specific date to hire, please email 

LED Mask

GST Included
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