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Psoriasis Awareness Month - You are worthy even when your skin is flared.

Your skin is never as ‘bad’ as you make it to be in your mind.

I get it though, when your skin is inflamed, you don’t feel like yourself.

We’ve all been there.

What if I told you that feeling wasn’t a fact?

What if your skin flare is just another part of you revealing itself and YOU disowning that part?

Chinese Medicine teaches this principle of balance in the Yin and Yang theory.

Yin and yang denotes the synchronicity of opposites.

Which practically means life wouldn’t exist without Male and Female, Sun and moon. Night and day. Hot and cold. etc.

The same applies to our skin (good days & bad days!)


Confidence is embracing all parts of you who are: the flawless skin days and the cruddy skin days, and loving yourself regardless. (the harmony of yin and yang!)

Would you sit there and beat yourself up for having gastro or the common cold? Most likely not. Your expectations about those conditions are realistic enough to assume that at some point in your life you will probably have it.

The same applies to our skin.

Through my skin flares over the many years, something I learnt was body acceptance.

Body acceptance is ownership. When you own it, you give yourself the power back rather than play the victim.

And you know what, every time I would doubt myself or feel self - conscious about my skin, I would attract circumstances for people to comment on it. It’s like they could sniff out the insecurity!

Some part of me knew back then, that my skin condition was serving a larger purpose in my life.

My skin flares it gave me the opportunity to develop incredible traits and made me the person I am today.

  • I have thick skin (pun intended) and deal with confrontation exceptionally well.

  • I’m highly productive and empathetic AF.

  • I learnt what was of high importance to me and learnt to let go of things that were not authentic to me.

For example:

Was I going to let my skin condition stop me from going to work? Nope

Was I going to stop playing the doctor and let someone else be my doctor for once? Yup.

Was I going to let my skin condition stop me from competing in pole vault? Nope

Was I going to invest in a skincare routine with quality low tox products? Yup.

All things I would have unlikely developed unless I went through those moments.

False confidence is waiting for your skin to be soft, smooth, clear and glowing when you know thats not attainable 100% of the time.

STOP WAITING for those unrealistic moments to feel good about yourself, when you can own the real you.

Avoiding the inner complex that is low - self esteem, appears to be the easiest option but running way from it, tires you out quicker than dealing with it face on. (in my opinion!)

Building a loving relationship with yourself is never going to be easy, it’s going to be WORTHWHILE.

You skin is apart of your human body (duh!) and your human body is a journey of peaks and troughs.

Imagine if you brought this unconditional love and acceptance of yourself with you during your highest highs and lowest lows? I think you would accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

You can feel beautiful, worthy, attractive and loveable even if your skin is red, itchy, cystic, irritated, dry, flaky or sore.

What you focus on is what you feel. The choice is yours.

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